Toward advance to the summit of the summits!
Because there continuous to be like an enterprise with the mind of"The enterprise that waits for new generations"
We challenge the creation of the new implementation every day.

There are some opinions that Basho Matsuo of IGA that was a famous poet of haiku, who made everywhere of journeys in Japan, in reality, he was a NINJA.

We carry the name of our company "Iron factories", but the matter that we can treat challenges in the same way for the machining of new technical objects and all to reach material until the diamond.

We think that it is joined for improvement of the customer's satisfaction as our attitude of the company to create better result of work as suggesting by a lot of experience that we cultivated has shortcoming of the years like "an enterprise of the type of the active suggestion" to be capable to help it towards the maximum.

Besides, we have courage to challenge a new objectives every day toward success without daring to be afraid of failure that uses our wisdom that a prompt decision, wall lamp of the ideas not only of the knowledge always keeping some attitudes to "think the method of realization and non to justify the reason that one doesn't manage to make."

Company general information

Name of our Company KITAOKA INDUSTRIAL, Inc.
Adress 2231, Saimyoji, Iga-shi, Mie Japan
CEO Shinichi Kitaoka
Capital 10.000.000Yens
Tel: 81 595-26-2555
FAX 81 595-26-3456
Establishment In October, 1964
Activity Tool of the diamond / the equipment of the production of the pieces for the semiconductor

Company’s history In October, 1964 Establishment of KITAOKA INDUSTRIAL, Inc.
Beginning of the production of the plates of table for the diamond tool
May, 1982 Our company was changed the name of campany ( Capital of 10.000.000 yens )
In July, 2000 To begin the production of diamond tool / the equipment of the production of the pieces for the semiconductor