『"There is an expert to ask for anything"』
There is an expert to ask whatever"The Variety"of the technology
We need the correct machines of the measure and machining that is capable to treat all material.

In the future generation, we think that it is going to increase the enterprises that have activities of big varieties, we believe that we could make all products if we will be capable to measure them, therefore, we invest the best measuring equipments and machining equipments so that we can accept all demand of the customers to response the whole varied realization of machining articles.

List of facilities

Inspection facilities
  • Device of measurements by 3D measurements
  • Instrument of measure in ultra precision of roundness
  • Instrument of the measure in the shape of the contour
  • Instrument of the measure of surface Roughness
  • Instrument of measure by treatment of picture
  • Measure of toughness of Rockwell
  • Microscope
  • Industrial Microscope
  • Electronic microscope by the system browsing
  • Heat-treatment facilities
  • Vacuum Furnace
  • Vacuum boiler
  • Electric boiler
  • CAD in 3D
  • CAD in 2D
  • CAM simultaneous 5 axes
  • CNC Pateur simulation
  • Machine tools Work facilities
  • Ordinary Lathe
  • Small Lathe
  • CNC composed Lathe
  • Super precision CNC Lathe
  • Small CNC Lathe
  • Machining Center of the 5 axes lateral type
  • 5-axis vertical machining center
  • Small vertical Maching Center
  • Milling Machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • Machine of machining for small piece of precision by the laser
  • Machine of machining by ion beams
  • Wire EDM
  • Machine Electro discharge of sculpture
  • Machine of electro discharge of small holes
  • Lazer Marker
  • Cutting work facilities
  • Machine to saw all automatic
  • Machine of water Jet of 6 axes control
  • Cutting machine of High speed in precision
  • Cleaning  facilities
  • Machine of the ultrasonic cleaning
  • Abrasion facilities
  • Machine of CNC rotary buffing
  • Machine of vertical rotary buffing
  • Machine of horizontal rotary buffing
  • Small cylindrical buffing machine
  • Machine of cylindrical buffing
  • Machine of plane buffing
  • Machine of Centerless buffing
  • Machine of buffing of the Wirewrap
  • Supersonic buffing machine
  • Machine of buffing of the Mono Crystal diamond