The only path of Future Japan, it is solely to advance on the road toward the industrialization of manufacturing !
To "manufacturing some products" by the world of the sensations can express which in the mind of NINJA:

『"... that there is not any reputation of bravery without the sound without odor...,"』
It is the NINJA that made the work that doesn't know to that act executes, it is written in the art of hiding of the book of secret spying of NINJA.

As the NINJA, they are absolutely in discretion, are not at all known, and our destinated products has several domains are not known of its existence itself as precisely the NINJAs.
However, we made the cooperation by the new idea and the technology as well as the very original ideas like the weapon, that became the very advanced result on the development in the various industrial segment.

To shortcoming this attitude although to be headstrong until today since we founded in 1964 in one village called in the province of IGA, (The city of UENO in past time) in Japan, the small village of NINJA surrounds some mountains.

The small enterprise as ours as if it is the NINJA that doesn't have the name as can get the highest level of information and really protect the information without having disclosed of the core and technology while keeping and to raise its assets by us.